#6 How ChatGPT-4 is allowing my team to 10x themselves

Daniel Marcus
5 min readMay 15, 2023

I’ve been playing around with ChatGPT for some time now. I’ve been experimenting with things like summarising the emails I receive, finding ways to improve my own email writing, and trialling cool things like building out my personal running and strength training programs. And no, it doesn’t actually run for you, you still need to do that part!

Outside of this, honestly, I’ve been too head down to think of use cases to accelerate my day-to-day tasks and my team’s outputs. Until last week when the penny dropped.

I stumbled across something, which now feels like the obvious thing to be doing already. We use Gong.io to record all internal and customer calls (unless they ask us not to of course) for sales training and onboarding. Now, Gong has some pretty cool AI in it already, and if you are reading this Eilon (Gong’s Co-founder and CPO), firstly Gong is epic, thank you! But you need this integrated:)

Call transcripts to ChatGPT-4

I had just finished a call with a prospect, which consisted of some really engaged conversation topics that I wanted to unpack with my team. So, I dumped a small section of the Gong call transcript into chatGPT-4. It was a small section (totally random one too) as the prompt box is currently limited to 15 k characters. I asked it to summarise 5 key content ideas from the learning in the call, and I got the below magic:

The above is incredible for two reasons:

  1. The content is aligned to what our customers and prospects are speaking about right now, so we can be 100% relevant to them
  2. The first suggestion re paid/organic users, this line was not used in the call in this way, there was however a general conversation around paid vs organise users. What makes it remarkable is the day before, I had flagged this with my marketing team while I was on the call as a potential topic to write about, and ChatGPT interpreted the content in the exact same way I did!

Empowering sales

Now that I had a taste for this power, I wondered what I could do for sales, so piece by piece I dumped in every call I had with a prospect we are currently pitching and preparing a business case for.

I asked two key questions:

  1. What challenges is the customer facing today in their own words. It’s important to get your prompts right, first I told ChatGPT which individuals belonged to the prospect, and then specified the request was only for the prospects words, not our team. I also asked ChatGPT to write it in a way to present back to the client
  2. Then I asked ChatGPT what recommendations Angus, my co-founder and domain expert in the space, had for the prospect. This outcome was truly mind blowing — I can’t share this unfortunately, as it has some of our IP in it :)

The results of the challenges uncovered were astonishing:

So how are we 10x’ing our team?

Off the back of my celebration of this discovery on Slack. Greig, our CTO at Ramp, quickly jumped to the challenge and gave himself a weekend hack. By Monday, we had a prototype of all our data from Gong, Slack and Notion piped into a web-application where we can query any conversation.

There are some challenges with this, mainly being the current setup doesn’t allow for GPT-4 so the responses are way less impactful. There are several companies with integrations in place we’re also investigating. Once Greig is done, he’ll write up the technical implementation he went through.

What gets me excited is the benefit across multiple teams in my organisation including:

1. Empower our sales teams to refine their pitches using real-time data insights, enabling them to identify and focus on effective strategies while discarding those that fall short.

2. Enable the marketing department to craft targeted content that addresses the specific interests and concerns of our customers and prospects, enhancing engagement and driving results.

3. Provide our product team with direct access to clients’ and prospects’ feedback and requests, ensuring that our offerings remain in tune with their evolving needs and expectations.

4. Equip our customer success management (CSM) teams with the tools to proactively address key success criteria for customers, fostering stronger relationships and promoting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

5. Offer me a comprehensive overview of crucial conversations with customers and prospects, allowing us to continue refining our offering and fostering innovation.

By integrating ChatGPT into our various departments, we can tap into a wealth of insights, improve our processes, and ultimately, enhance the overall performance of our business.

Additionally, I’m currently testing https://bard.google.com/ as seems like a neat tool for using GPT with live web data. A good use case here is “list 10 companies in X industry in Y country and their CEO’s and revenue”

See below a sample — pretty awesome for your SDR’s!



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